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viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

As I said we artisans, as well as person 's single or married with children.
We thought about 120 craftsmen with their families.

Also look for a aprotic designer ideas  of innovation and we are working with artisans who request it.
A computer, to get to the village and their craft in the network, wep 2.0 and so in addition to the traditional market in the village will be made on a regular basis, also the productoss be networked in a wep page, and in social networks.

Types of artisans who are looking for:
Soap, perfume.
Joinery, marquetry.
blowers, enamellers.
looms, tapestries,
Antique restorers and players.
musical instruments

We will expand and refine the list.
We can also study the possibility of concentrating it in fewer types of artisans.
It will depend on the requests that we receive.
If you like the project and send us your ideas provides a small curriculum with what you do.